5 Books That Can Change Your Life


Mel Robbins packs a punch in her no nonsense, no BS delivery of the “5 Second Rule.” Mel teaches how to thrust yourself out of your own comfort zone by utilizing activation energy. Mel tells the story of how she invented the 5 second rule after watching NASA launch a rocket ship into the air, as a means to combat her unyielding habit of hitting the snooze button in the mornings and get out of bed. She begins by counting down, as counting up would be counterproductive because you could just lay there and continue indefinitely counting numbers, then sprung herself out of bed. Over time, she realized that throughout her day, she was constantly faced with decisions that within 5 seconds, she would back out of taking the desired action. Mel introduces the reader to the progression principle, in which you commit every day to do one thing that will move you toward your goals. In theory, whether it is speaking up during a meeting at work, introducing yourself to someone you have been wanting to meet, or going to the gym, if we allow ourselves time, as little as 5 seconds, we can second guess our decisions and allow fear and doubt to cloud our judgement. Then, sitting quietly through the meeting, letting that person leave without any exchange of words, or ending the day with no workout, becomes moments of opportunity that are lost forever. Mel forces the reader to take an honest look at what is holding them back, and by the simple action of counting down 5-4-3-2-1, completely shifting your train of thought, and taking that step forward!


Sarah Knight is a rock star, and she holds nothing back in “get your SH*T together.” Sarah leads you on journey of mental decluttering and passionately pursuing the life you dream of. Sarah delves deep into all the things that we allow to steal our time away from us uncecessarily, such as scrolling on social media, sitting in front of the television, always volunteering to stay late at the office to help out, and even uncommonly thought time stealers like going out after work with coworkers, when you just want to get home and work on a personal project. Sarah forces you to take an honest, and sometimes harsh, look at the things that you give your time to throughout the day that serve you in a positive way, and work diligently toward eliminating those things that are left that steal away from you sense of peace. Sarah teaches her system for prioritizing the things that need to be done by what must be done and get those things completed, how to stop worrying about the things that should be done, but are not mandatory, and to free yourself to be able to live your life doing the things you want to do.


“The Law of Attraction” seems to be popping up everywhere these days. But, in his book Michael Losier provided the simple tools for readers to apply positive thinking into their lives to attract the things they want in their lives through positive thoughts, using the ideaology of “like always attracts like. Martin Seligman who is the founder of positive psychology, based the stufy on the ideas of what makes life worth living. While positive psycology is different from the law of attraction!, they both rely on the premise that fundamentally, it is each individuals own ideas and perception of happiness that define what makes a truly good life for that individual. Where positive psychology differs from the law of attraction is that positive psychology is scientifically based, and therefore subject to exhaustive research. Whereas, the law of attraction relays a clear message that you attract what you think. Therefore you can attract positive or negative experiences into your life, simply by the thoughts in your own head.


In Marie Kondo’s “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” she delves deep into what is making you hold on to all that clutter. Marie incorporates the KonMari method of decluttering your home, and ultimately, your life. KonMari is a system of sorting through one’s belongings by one specific grouping at a time, touching each individual item at a time to ask the question if the item brings you joy, and then letting go of everything that does not. Then finally, providing a system of organization! for a place for everything and everything in its place. Marie also gets to the hart of why so many people hold on to far too many things and, no matter how craftily they try to disguise it, their homes get consumed with clutter. Hoarding, even in its most miniscule and unintentilal means, is a form of someone’s unhealth attachment to items that they feel holds the bond to specific memories or feelings. Many people hold on to boxes or drawers full of items, such as old photographs, baby clothes, or childrens arts and crafts projects because they feel connected to their children when they were at those young ages. When in fact, the truth is that the memories that one holds of their children can still be experienced and fondly appreciated, despite spending countless hours meandering through a drawer or plastic storage box of various had written cards or ice cream stick reindeer christmas tree ornaments. Marie helps the reader to identify those “emotional” attachments to things, and sort out what truly brings joy into the home. Ulitmately, with a home and a life that is tidy and clutter free, you can enjoy a much less stressful and enjoyable world.


Jen Sincero will have you laughing and nodding in agreement with her witty writing style and straight forward advice in “You are a Badass.” Jen teaches how to let go of your limiting beliefs and see the true potential that dwells within you. Jen’s whimsical means by which she shows the reader the impact of negative self-talk can have on every aspect of our lives. Self-doubt can invade every decision we make throughout our day in our jobs, relationships, and just about anything we do. At the core of the hilarious tactics in which Jen relays the message, the reader is empowered to stop allowing negative self-talk to invade their choices and embrace the potential they possess. As Jen implores, “It’s just as easy to believe we’re awesome as it is to believe we’re giant sucking things.”

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