Going Places

We are always going somewhere. Maybe we are going to the grocery store, or to work, or maybe to pick up the dry cleaning. But, how often are we going places that feed our souls? Getting away on an adventure is often overlooked by so many people because they are too busy to, as the cliche saying goes, stop and smell the roses. Sometimes we need to just get in the car and drive. Maybe to a local park or maybe to a neighboring state. To simply get away and take in the sights, sounds, and smell of the world around us.
I recently went on a trip to southern Florida. It was an exhausting nine hour trip, but that was not how I remember the trip now. I had my husband and daughter with me. We were all able to take turns driving so that no one person had the burden of the drive. But we all pointed out many interesting things on the view along the road. We sang, maybe a hundred or so songs, and even made some video of our “car karaoke'” We saw signs directing to interesting points of interest and even took several of the exits to stop in and see those interesting sights or locales for ourselves. We even went a great deal out of the way to locate a highly favored mom and pop establishment located on the river with outdoor dining and incredible water views. It turned out to be worth the extra time it took us to venture off the path to experience it.
There is a quote by Karl Lagerfield that says, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” There is so many levels of truth embedded in that quote. We live our lives in the moment, and when that moment has passed, it is gone forever. We may hold that memory or that feeling inside of us forever, but taking a picture is an additional element of security for that memory. I have seen, many times, people going through things that have been packed and stored away for a long time, come across a picture and smile as they recount the time and fondly recall the feelings from that moment in time that has long passed.
It is important to get out and experience life, and it is vital to take pictures along the way. To capture those memories and look back on them in time with fondness and feelings. So, as they say, take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake- but remember to take pictures of it all!
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– Dragan Tapshanov

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